FAQ Page

Does CLASI pick up clothing and household donations?

CLASI does NOT pick up any donations. All donations and profits go to Saskatchewan Institute of Community Living. You can arrange a pick-up by calling 306-477-2171.

Who does CLASI support?

CLASI supports any individual with a varying ability and their families. Individuals can be any age and our services can be available for as long as the individual needs. We have current clients that we have supported for 20 years!

Is there a cost associated to obtain your services?

We provide an annual membership of $25 - with a membership you have access to all of our correspondence and a discount on any of the recreation programs we offer.

Our Respite Registry, Advocacy and Parents Forever Program are free of charge.

Is CLASI a registered charity?

Yes! We accept donations throughout the year and can provide a charitable tax receipt. We can also accept donations through planned giving!


Where can I find out more information about CLASI?

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