AISP Support Coordinator

Amanda is the newest addition to the CLASI team. She brings with her 18 years of experience supporting people with disabilities. Amanda is a firm believer in equality, fairness and treating all people with dignity and respect. Her two children, Elowyn and Charlie and her husband Trevor are what keep her busy when she is off the clock.

Family & Youth Support Coordinator

Darla started at CLASI in September 2019. She completed the Rehabilitation Worker Certificate and has been in the field since 2007. Outside of CLASI, Darla has two children, a super cute dog and a cat. Darla has tons of real life experiences working with individuals with disabilities, as her son lives with a disability. She feels very fortunate to have had met many wonderful supports and advocates throughout raising her son and strive to provide the same level of supports that she received over the years.

AISP Support Coordinator

Serena started at CLASI in March 2019. She has worked in this field for approximately 16 years and loves working with people! The only way to describe Serena is that she is a people person and loves helping everyone! Outside of CLASI, she lives in Saskatoon with her husband and teenage son. She has three adult daughters and three beautiful grandchildren. Besides loving people, Serena is an avid dog and cat owner. She has three German Shepherd cross dogs and one kitty!

Executive Director

Heather has been in the field for approximately 15 years and came to CLASI in 2016. She received her Rehabilitation Diploma in 2004 and is currently working on her Bachelor of Professional Arts - Human Services. Outside of CLASI, Heather is married to a farmer with three young boys. Lots of her time is spent at the hockey rink, archery range and any other adventures her sons take her on. When Heather has time to herself, she enjoys spending time with her horses, dogs, practicing yoga and reading.

Manager of Family Support

Frances has worked at CLASI for over 25 years. She has 3 children and 4 grandchildren.
She loves working with the families. Frances admires families strength and tenacity.